Best Pickup Line Ever

In the summer of 2006, I played saxophone and clarinet in the pit orchestra at Starlight Theater in Rockford for “State Fair,” a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about the Iowa State Fair (originally adapted from a book by Phil Stong, a Drake University graduate – go bulldogs!).

Anyway, a lot of the dialogue was a bit, um… well, cheesy. Apparently at one point, one of the characters awkwardly says “Can I buy you a corn dog or something?” I was not satisfied with that bit of dialogue, however, so I revised it for him:

2006Summer Corn Doggin


“Can I give you a corn doggin’ or something?”
-Best pickup line ever

So… that’s a thing that happened.


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About Cody Gough

Cody Gough is a producer and host at WGN Radio in Chicago. In addition to producing the Brian Noonan Show since 2008, Cody co-hosts both Brian's web-exclusive podcasts and his own lifestyle podcast, Game/Life Balance U.S. Cody also moonlights as a commercial actor, video game enthusiast, and professional social media manager for a global firm.

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