Best Pickup Line Ever

In the summer of 2006, I played saxophone and clarinet in the pit orchestra at Starlight Theater in Rockford for “State Fair,” a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about the Iowa State Fair (originally adapted from a book by Phil Stong, a Drake University graduate – go bulldogs!).

Anyway, a lot of the dialogue was a bit, um… well, cheesy. Apparently at one point, one of the characters awkwardly says “Can I buy you a corn dog or something?” I was not satisfied with that bit of dialogue, however, so I revised it for him:

2006Summer Corn Doggin


“Can I give you a corn doggin’ or something?”
-Best pickup line ever

So… that’s a thing that happened.

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Cody Gough hosts and produces the award-winning Curiosity Daily, named Best Science Podcast at the 13th Annual Podcast Awards, for He also works as fill-in host and producer at WGN Radio in Chicago. As an established radio veteran, Cody has been with WGN Radio since 2008, and have worked on the WGN Plus podcast network as host and producer of the Game/Life Balance U.S. podcast (formerly Unqualified Gamers). In addition to his broadcast experience, Cody has written for, the GonnaGeek Network, and HuffPost.

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